FDM:6-Filament Printhead


A 6-filament print head for full color printing including support material and black and white. An extremely small, compact unit to be offered to all FDM manufacturers. Works with TMC Stepper Controllers that are controlled by SPI and just another Chip Select line so that each printer circuit board can use the unit. Comes by default with an Arduino library that almost any FDM manufacturer can easily integrate. Version 2.0 with filament encoder with 2 full-step resolution. With automatic stall detection and prevention so that cybernetic temperature-compression filament feed controls allow a clean print.



Variable FDM Nozzle


The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for producing three-dimensional objects by means of a rotatable mold-variable nozzle head (12) for filament printers. The problem of the long printing times arises from the creation of offset - mostly later invisible - parallel paths for the purpose of stabilizing the shape of the pressure hull. The object of the invention is to reduce these parallel paths. The gradual web width increase is achieved by the gradually adjustable nozzle position (9) from 0° to 90°. A web width of 2mm already provides in most cases a sufficient wall thickness, also infill structures are now usually created with a single track, so that the device shows a lower recessed nozzle area of 0.4mm x 2mm. In most cases, the entire conventional printhead will not be 5% larger or 5% heavier after retrofitting the swivel nozzle.