City Projects/ Architecture

Building new cities in times of rising waterlevels might be a good idea. This time we should do it right: reach every point within 15 minutes by individual transport open to the public, optimize work/life balance by home office solutions and reduced office space that is in fast reach anyway.

Redensification of existing towns is another strong point of our team -and house conversions that completely change the appearance for the new generation s modern taste.


Monaco Project - adding space, easing access, reducing pollution

Rebuilding a state isn't the easiest task. We thought about giving a pulsating heart to an ever growing population w/o land extension. Monaco, financial hub, sexy, attractive to the wealthy, offers a great life, but no space. We found solutions to add 100% of Monaco┬┤s State surface as new office/industrial/living space (1mio m2 above and 1mio m2 underground) without building islands, enlarging the important marina, creating one of the world s largest automated garages, adding a beach area, connecting east and west by a pedestrian roller conveyor system that enables an auto-free zone along all important zones.


House Projects - same walls, new face, demolition avoidance

In many parts of this world, valuable space is already built, and a demolition either costly or impossible for whatever reason, so the old walls need to be "refreshed". Mostly a few generations passed between the builder s taste and the new owner s one, so a "simple" core removal wont help a lot, instead a modern facade, a modified roof structure, rounded glass etc. is inserted to keep up with the next generation. We give a few examples of before and after conversion projects that we did for house projects.



variable speed sitway


The people-mover-invention for passenger transport ie in towns, airports, etc. combines all advantages of a tramway, a moving walkway and a ski-chairlift and relates to a device for e.g. inner-city passenger transport with the following properties: low space requirement, lightweight construction, leaves every second, simultaneous two-way operation, seating group does not wobble because it is on rails, stands when getting in/out, constant boarding possible.