An electric 3 seater, with joystick, proposing a new manufacturing concept: hot liquid thermoforming​. Our electric city car, steered with a joy stick, is torque vectoring, yet it offeres more space between driver’s eye to windshield than a Rolls Royce, and includes a new system of traffic light communication to indicate and react to the green phases.


CiteeeCar - the first real city car

Yet another electric car feeding the hype?

We thought about adding more value, less foot print for more volume, less energy for production for more output...

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Traffic light phase broadcasting system


The invention relates to a fully automated traffic flow analyzing traffic light stationary radio (WIFI/Bluetooth) and camera system for city traffic control, for which only a camera with a single-board computer and transmitter is to be attached to every important traffic light in order to reduce the fine dust pollution caused by residues of Ac/deceleration incl tire wear-off. By using the system, the disc brakes as well as the tire/road wear should be reducable by approx. 10%.


Joystick, elektro-mechanical


The invention relates to an electromechanical digital mechanical force feedback vehicle joystick,
• which allows a stick deflection in the event of a panic with a moment of 20Nm
• which allows every stick movement without a force feedback motor having to move (in the event of a defect)
• whose control stick is directly connected to the Bowden cable of a hydraulic brake disc system.


Thermoforming in a hot liquid medium


The invention relates to a fully automated thermoforming process of large plates in a liquid medium for the purpose of accelerated mass production, e.g. for the production of city cars of a new generation, which consists of only 2 outer and two inner foils in sandwich construction with an integrated steel cage and at production cycle rates of ie one car per Minute. It shows how little waste is produced and how small the required production area is.